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“Rayanne is a pleasure to work with. She helped us buy our first home. She advised on renovations for our first home and then she helped us sell it. During the sale Ray kept the deal together. Without her help the deal would have taken much longer or would have fallen through all together.

“We had very strict requirements for our next (final) home. Ray showed us many properties over a long period of time. When we couldn’t find what we wanted she helped us find an old house on a great lot that we could renovate. We had to deal with the airport authority, the Rideau valley conversation authority, the city of Ottawa, and the estate that was selling the house. Ray helped throughout the process. She was able to get the city to come out and close an open building permit within 24 hours. She provided detailed information for our home appraisal even after the sale was done. She is extremely detailed and gets things done. Our transactions were very complicated but she made everything go smoothly. We would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house.”

Steve K. and Brit L. | South of Ottawa | Repeat Buyers and Sellers

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