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Case studies: Going the distance on the road to sold

Case studies reveal that the biggest difference between an ordinary real estate agent and a great real estate agent is their reaction to unanticipated events. While some agents may feel discouraged by obstacles that appear between a client and their perfect property, Rayanne feels energized to do what it takes to make her client’s real estate wishes come true.

These success stories offer a glimpse into how Rayanne approaches challenges in order to achieve results. To begin your own success story, contact Rayanne today.

Case Study #1: Think Outside the Box

Representing the sellers, Rayanne listed a home that had previously had a small amount of water in the basement. The owners had dutifully repaired the entry point where the water had crept into the house and aesthetically enhanced the recreation room area. At a subsequent open house, a couple showed a high level of interest in this home. During the discussion of the history of the property, the water situation was disclosed.
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Case Study #2: Do What Makes Sense

Rayanne received a referral to list a rural property that was located 90 minutes outside Ottawa. The seller had listed this property the year before with a different brokerage and, for whatever reason, it didn’t sell. As a result, he was looking to re-list. Rayanne met with the seller and he decided that he wanted her to represent him and list his property.
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Case Study #3: First Out of the Gate

Rayanne’s client had her house listed with Rayanne, and during the listing process the client was looking at other properties to buy. The client wanted to downsize and was looking for a smaller property. She was very much on top of the market in terms of the available inventory that would meet her buying criteria.
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