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Case Study #2: Do What Makes Sense

When dealing with real estate ventures, geographic consideration between the buyers, sellers and the real estate agents must be accounted for. It’s a partnership between all parties striving towards a common goal. Below you’ll find a single case where Rayanne was able to satisfy a client’s geographic needs using a collaborative approach that best served all parties.

The Scenario:

Rayanne received a referral to list a rural property that was located 90 minutes outside Ottawa. The seller had listed this property the year before with a different brokerage and, for whatever reason, it didn’t sell. As a result, he was looking to re-list. Rayanne met with the seller and he decided that he wanted her to represent him and list his property.

Prior to meeting him and in the event she did get the listing, Rayanne gave serious thought about how best to support marketing initiatives for this property given that it was a fair distance from Ottawa. How could she get to showings if a buyer (who wasn’t working with a REALTOR®) wanted to see the property in a timely manner?

Rayanne absolutely did not want to miss a marketing opportunity because of geography.

The Solution:

After much thought it became crystal clear: Do what makes sense. The best way to support her client was to ensure that he had “representation” in his geographical area, even if Rayanne’s brokerage did not have an office close enough to satisfy this requirement.

Rayanne decided that she needed to co-list with a REALTOR® who was based in her client’s geographical area. She utilized her own selection criteria and reached out to a REALTOR®, who was very open to the idea. After meeting each other, they felt they could work very well together.

Rayanne presented this solution to her seller and guaranteed that all communication, marketing initiatives, paperwork and follow-up would be through her, and that actual showings and local logistics required by buyers that did not have REALTORS® would be handled by the local REALTOR®. He was very pleased with this approach.

The Result:

The property sold. The seller was extremely happy, particularly because things unfolded exactly as promised. As it turns out, the buyer resided in the area and he did not have a REALTOR®. Rayanne’s new contact was able to provide the appropriate REALTOR® assistance locally.

The entire process was handled incredibly well, and both seller and buyer were very pleased. Logic and doing what made sense contributed to this success. Rayanne and her out-of-town contact agreed that should a similar opportunity arise in the future, that they would definitely partner again.

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