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Case Study #1: Think Outside the Box

Real estate representation is not a choice to be taken lightly. It’s a partnership between all parties striving towards a common goal. Below you’ll find a single case where Rayanne McGee was able to satisfy a client’s needs using her extensive experience with buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market.

The Scenario:

Representing the sellers, Rayanne listed a home that had previously had a small amount of water in the basement. The owners had dutifully repaired the entry point where the water had crept into the house and aesthetically enhanced the recreation room area. At a subsequent open house, a couple showed a high level of interest in this home. During the discussion of the history of the property, the water situation was disclosed.

It turns out, this couple did not have a REALTOR® working with them and they asked Rayanne if she would represent them. This couple really wanted the house. They had done their research and had excellent questions, which were thoroughly addressed to their satisfaction. Yet Rayanne could tell that the couple had a hesitation that was inhibiting their decision to move forward.

When a REALTOR®/brokerage is placed in a position of multi-representation, (representing both the seller and the buyer), it can sometimes be challenging. Knowing to maintain confidences of the buyer and the sellers and at the same time disclosing relevant facts and issues is of the utmost importance.

In this case, both the buyers and the sellers were completely comfortable and aware of what Rayanne could and could not do in this situation.

Throughout the period of getting to know the buyer couple through various discussions on this property, it became apparent that their issue was this: even though the basement had been repaired, they were concerned that there was dampness behind the drywall. They needed to be sure there was no dampness present, and if this could be satisfied, they were confident that they would move forward.

The Solution:

Because Rayanne was able to work directly with both the sellers and the buyers, and had come to know their individual perspectives thoroughly, she viewed this as an opportunity to think outside the box.

Another listing client of Rayanne’s had recently used a tradesperson Rayanne had recommended. He specialized in drywall repairs and paint and has done excellent work. It occurred to Rayanne that if she could remove part of the basement drywall and allow the buyer to see and feel the insulation directly, she could mitigate their objection.

She spoke with the tradesperson and of course the sellers. She assured the sellers they would not know where the opening occurred as her drywall repairs and paint expert was extremely confident that he would do a ‘perfect’ repair and repaint.

Equipped with the sellers’ approval and the buyers’ awareness of what was about to take place, the tradesperson proceeded to remove a portion of the drywall. The buyers then came to the property and were able to look behind the drywall and feel the insulation. It was as dry as a bone.

Once the buyers were satisfied, the painter repaired the opening and painted the area. He was good to his word—you would never know any repair work had been done.

The Results:

The seller was delighted to hear that everything was dry and the house was ready to sell. The buyers were delighted because they now had the validation they needed to be able to move forward and purchase this home—which they did.

Because Rayanne was able to work with both the sellers and buyers directly, she orchestrated this initiative in a very timely and efficient manner.

By thinking outside the box and coming up with a mutually beneficial solution, all parties were completely satisfied and the transaction moved to a successful completion.

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