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Case Study #3: First Out of the Gate

Clients deserve a responsive real estate agent who is always looking for opportunities to exceed expectations.  When a home sells and the clock is ticking to find the perfect new home, efficient research, creative thinking and determination can make all the difference.  Below is an example of how Rayanne’s benefit-driven approach to satisfying her clients’ requirements and timelines lead to impressive results.

The Scenario:

Rayanne’s client had her house listed with Rayanne, and during the listing process the client was looking at other properties to buy. The client wanted to downsize and was looking for a smaller property. She was very much on top of the market in terms of the available inventory that would meet her buying criteria.

As is so often the case, it can become stressful when a person sees a property they wish to buy, but their home hasn’t sold yet. What to do?

After reviewing the market dynamics at the time and keeping the client’s objectives in the forefront, the decision was made to keep looking for a buying opportunity and to sell her property first before buying another home. Her house sold and the buyer requested a rather quick closing date. As it turns out, it was possible that she had to move with no place to go!

The Solution:

Because Rayanne was selling her client’s existing home and helping her find another, she engaged all the types of automated research available to her. Rayanne did not want to miss a buying opportunity for her client.

In terms of what was available on the market at any given time, Rayanne and her client had a pretty good handle on this data. Additionally, she was able to provide her client with new listings early, as that information is available to REALTORS® and their clients a day or so before going mainstream. Rayanne and her client worked extremely well as a team.

Rayanne provided potential properties and her client would vet them. Together, they checked out her short list. Now that her home sold Rayanne knew she had to ensure that as soon as her client saw a property she liked, they needed to be first out of the gate to assess its suitability.

The Result:

The race was on! They switched gears and moved into buying mode. Within a very short period of time, Rayanne sent her client a property that was just coming on the market and she wanted to see it soonest. It was Thursday and the seller was planning an open house for the weekend. Rayanne felt that her client should see the house before the open house.

The listing agent initially wasn’t too optimistic about letting Rayanne and her client see the home earlier than planned because they weren’t prepared yet to have showings. Rayanne pressed and indicated that her buyer, if she loved the property, would make an offer. And guess what? She did.

Rayanne and her client saw the house on the Friday. An offer was presented that same day and accepted by the sellers. The open house was cancelled. Closing dates and all other details worked to everyone’s satisfaction. A combination of superb client/REALTOR® team work and being the first out of the gate is what won the deal on this one!

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